United HERO Apparel (UHA) was founded in June 2017 by two American Patriots with the combined backgrounds: Military Veterans, Defense Contractors, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services. Our founders continue to serve this great country as Defense Contractors in High Threat Environments and as instructors within the SOF/SF communities. With Pride, our Warriors wish to continue our service by providing quality UHA gear for the Patriot in YOU. UHA recognizes the honorable service you provide and willingness to protect us as you climb into the uniform. Our quality apparel will provide a small reminder of the uniform as you relax while the rest of our brothers and sisters provide protection. The flag is more than ink placed on the shoulder. United HERO Apparel places the flag on our gear as a reminder of our FREEDOM’s provided by those who have served. Our Relentless Patriotism will not waver by those who wish to provide background noise. We will not apologize for our Patriotism because we have never questioned those who have stated, “I’ve got your SIX.”